Live Performance Application.

Run the Show is the ultimate tool for stage managers or live performances technicians. Spec sheets, precision timing during shows or acts, music triggering, red flags on crucial cues, note taking… Everything needed to assure technical control and to guarantee no loss of pertinent information.
Much more and much better than just a spec sheet!



A show from A to Z

All the essential information on the under preparation show.

Sections, acts, progression

Easy to use, fast, synthetic and illustrated with useful information for every section or every act. The running order can be changed with a simple gesture.

Cues of the show

The precise timing with programmable alarms. The information appears at the right time to assist the light and sound technicians during the show.

Everything for the rehearsals

The useful information to create the lights, the technical elements for the managers and the technicians and zones for taking notes to complete screens.

Carefree sound

Just a connection to the console and play the music with the app on timer or in manual mode.

Control to the clouds

Connected to Dropbox, everything is all the time available and safe!

On paper?

Export PDF of cue sheets and riders, information for the MC, for the managers…





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