A professional intuitive light console.

Dedicated to control the RTS-512 DMX/WIFI Box, this application offers high performances to everyone.

Run The Show A DMX remote controller in your iPhone!

RTS DMX Control enables remote control of lights without a light console.

RTS DMX 512 Box

Boîtier DMX 512

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Intuitive Console

The application was studies to be completely intuitive for the basic functions use (direct control, memory scenes, transitions ...). Reorganize saved scenes can be done with a single gesture.

Studied Design

An elegant and pur design, color marks for easy reading and a better user experience.

Plug & Play

Plug the RTS-512 DMX box, then connect the iPad and it's done! The light is already there.

Fixtures Library

The main devices are already in the library or can be added simply and sent to the editor to be integrated in futures updates.

512 DMX Channels

Thanks to fixtures, 512 channels can be addressed.

Electronic Patch

Like any console, Run The Show DMX has a very simple electronic patch to implement.

Art-Net Mode

The application can pilot any Art-Net node connected to a WIFI router via the Art-Net mode (integrated purchase).
For more informations follow the link.

DMX Remote Control

An iPhone application is also available to control DMX channels with only one hand for the lights when you are on top of a ladder for example.


You can check below the screenshots of the applications Run The Show DMX & RTS DMX Control.



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